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Trying out blogging from my phone. Here goes!

Santa Visit 2013

Merry Christmas! Yeah, that's topical in March. But here are a few of the Santa pictures. They turned out so well. I went during a school time on a week day and we breezed in and out without any fits or breaking anything. Banner day in Firth life.

Fall and Winter 2013

 One of the challenges of blogging for me, is that I use my laptop for my pictures, and I take a lot of pictures. So my memory fills up and I have to blog before I send all the pictures to the external hard drive. I could blog using the external hard drive, but it's a pain in the tuchus already, and I know me. It's not going to happen. So in order to get pictures off my camera or phone, I have to catch up on the blog so I can dump them here again. Whatever, it's as boring to read about as it is to do. I guess the point is, is that it is March. I have a new child, and yet I am about 4 months behind on blogging. I can't even blog about Hugo yet! SO! Catching up. Here are some miscellaneous from the Fall/Winter season to clean up the computer! There may be a few posts out of order coming ahead. Sorry. Not like anyone reads this anymore anyways, but it is my only form of journaling, so I truck on!

Eleanor decided to try and dress up like Jessie one day. She kind of nailed it, the only help I gave her was braiding her hair.
 At Allie's house. They played dress up, and up and up and up... for about 2 hours. I only got shots of a few of their costumes. 
Here is ballerina girls.
 And flying girls.
 And my favorite, it's very subtle, but here they are "shopping girls". They had shopping bags and purses and pretended to run credit cards. Awww, so cute, ha ha! They come by it honestly.
 A lunch date with my men at JCW's.
WINSTON! He is so dang cute sometimes.
 Snacks for Eleanor's preschool. This is back when I cared more, ha. I saw this idea on Pinterest and had to try it. Note to others- it was a pain in the neck! So hard, so much work! Never. Doing. Again! At least I got a picture. (I sent a "healthy" snack too, this was just for fun.)
Clayton's (and mine!) good friend, Larissa met the one and tied the knot. Here are Mr. and Mrs. Rob Ferre! Their reception was amazing. First of all, they had smart cookies, so I was instantly on board. She changed out of her big dress for her party dress (seen below), their first dance had a baton throwing solo in the middle, they had a fun photo booth, incredible music (that's his business) and after we left there was even a 12 foot T-Rex that made an appearance. I don't quite understand how, but people who were there were suitably impressed.
 Woo hoo! Guess who didn't dance at their wedding? Yep, the squares on the right. Hey, I was pretty pregnant. Nothing more awkward than a pregnant lady getting down.
 Mom and Dad took us and the kids out to eat, and in the parking lot is this truck with a parrot on it. No owner in sight. Randomly, my dad knows the guy who owns it and asked him later how he gets the parrot to not take off. He replied that he honestly didn't know it was getting out. He would leave it in the truck with the window cracked (It was Autumn, and very reasonable temperatures, in case you were wondering.) and it was always back in the truck when he returned to it. Ha! Well, it brightened my kid's day anyways.

Great Niece Eva

 My niece Caitlin had a sweet baby daughter way back in August. Still catching up here on the blog! I thought I'd share a few sweet shots of Eva the Diva for the Howell family. 

 Mom and Dad with another great grandchild, Eva is number 6 of 7, soon to be 8 of the greats!
 And great uncle Adam, getting a whole slew of emotions from the darling dear.

 And me. I joked that I was glad I was having a boy so I wouldn't be jealous of her beauty, and her hair! It/s downright glorious!

Eleanor Goes to PreSchool!

 In September, Eleanor started preschool! I debated about where to send her, looked up everyone in Provo but could not make a decision. Then I saw on Facebook that my friend's sister (and my friend too) Julie was accepting kids to her school, I didn't even know she ran one! We signed her up and it's been just a perfect fit. She is accepting students for next year if anyone needs an amazing preschool for their 3-5 year old. It's We signed her up and it's been just a perfect fit. She is accepting students for next year if anyone needs an amazing preschool for their 3-5 year old. It's Alphabet Adventures. That should link to her blog of this year's classes.  Here is the link if you are interested in signing up!

 Eleanor was jazzed and ready to go.
 Yeah, we should have no problems with her being ready for new experiences.
 When talking about being scared of going to school, she told me: " I wasn't nervous my first day of school, I was excited. Excited means you want to feel the fun." Yes it does, sweetheart.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Cristy's Baby Shower

 Cristy Diana Maria Theresa Lowe-Rose! Ok, so that's not her name, but I used to tease her as I was tickled by the idea of having so many cute names. Cristy, who often goes by Diana, was the one I went to Italy with for the first time. My old roommate from a lifetime ago was in town visiting her family and they threw her a baby shower. So fun! She has been living all over the country, lately in San Diego and Boston, so to have her in Utah was a real treat. She and her husband John are expecting a boy any day now! Julie and I drove up with Eleanor to attend her shower on September 7th. 

Eleanor (Who is wearing her puffiest slip under a dress that does not work with a slip. Pick your battles, right?) had a great time playing with other little girls at the shower, but joined us for one of the games, the Toilet-Paper Guessing Game- it's where you pass around the toilet paper roll and tear off how much you imagine will fit around Cristy's waist. Eleanor piped up that she wanted 9 squares. I don't think she knew what we were doing, she wasn't exactly paying attention, but when the roll came around, she kept demanding 9 squares. Ok. Well, guess who was the only on to be exactly on? Little E. I told them she doesn't count, but they wanted her to win, so she got the bag of chocolate almonds. Ha ha. 
Here she is hugging her prize.
 With cute Cristy!
 Old roommates all together! Diana, me, Cristy and Julie! The last time we all saw each other was at my baby shower for Eleanor, nearly 5 years ago!
 Eleanor mugging it up with Diana.
 Me and my goose.
 Another awesome surprise was getting to see Annie! She has lived in NYC, London and recently Nashville and was just super-randomly in town at the same time. I went to Italy with her too on that trip with Cristy. She is just coolest person and I haven't seen her in nearly 10 years! P.S. She is just as hot as ever, if anything, she just got better looking. Eh, what can you do?

Greencrest Reunion 2013

 Awwwww, oh man. I love these guys! On the first weekend in August, we had a miracle of schedules lining up. The Phillips were going to be in town from Wisconsin, Angela and her boys were in town from Toronto freaking Canada for her brother's wedding (Timmy had to be back at work, so he was the only one not able to be there) and the Oversons were able to come up from Cedar City, the Stevens from Salt Lake, the Seedall's hosted at their new home in Logan and we drove up from Provo. It was a short magical visit, but so so worth it!

They set up the projector for the kids to watch Rise of the Guardians all together. 
 Eleanor quickly reconnected with her old sweet neighbors.
Sisters Ainsley and Emmaline make an Eleanor sandwich. 
(The Stevens never technically lived on Greencrest Ave, despite our constant harassment to do so, but they were always a part of our group and all of our activities.)
 All the girls! Angela (and Bennett), me, Ashley, Lexie, Ruth and Ann. The best friends you could ever accidentally live next to! I know Heavenly Father sent us to that street to meet these people, they were the best support system during our three years at law school!
 Most of the kids!
 All? of the kids! From left: Eliza, Lauren, Wesley, Jasmine, Sophie, Miles, Nora, Winston, Maddy, Eleanor, Spencer, Benny, Zach, Bennett and my Grant. Missing is Ainsley, Emmaline and Wells.
 Group shots weren't enough for our little model, so I took a few more.
 I never get "real" smiles! Usually it's some weird closed-eye, squinting thing that she explains is her "magic face" or "superhero eyes." So it's nice to occasionally get a few normal ones in.
Lamely, I was having too good of a time to take more pictures. We had awesome pies from Mmmm? I can't remember. I'll have to ask Clayton when he gets home. Ruth made her awesome cinnamon rolls and there were countless bags and plates of goodies. It all went to fast as the Stevens had to go home early, the Phillips had to continue on with their trip etc... etc... I loved it all though, and can't wait to see any of them again!

Postal Service

 For Mother's Day/ Swearing in as a lawyer, we got tickets to go see the Postal Service at Salt Air. The concert was originally scheduled for May 29th, and we dutifully drove up, only to find that Ben Gibbard had gotten sick that day and they cancelled the concert. Boo. That's ok, we had an awesome dinner at Chunga's and went to a movie instead. You just don't waste a babysitter night. Thanks, mom and dad!

The band rescheduled, so on July 13th we tried again! I was very much in the middle of my "morning" sickness phase, so I packed a purse full of Wheat Thins, and we found a spot against the banister upstairs for us to stay the entire show. It was great. It was the ten year reunion of the release of the album "Give Up", and the song "Brand New Colony" was one of the ones we used on our wedding video, so they are a special band to us. I have to admit, that we don't enjoy concerts as much as we used to. We're too old, I'm too pregnant etc... I just tend to get irritated at the bad manners of people around me. Don't get me wrong, we had a nice evening, and a great time people watching, but we nixed going to see the National when they hit Salt Lake a week or so later, and they are one of our favorite bands. I think Radiohead and Sigur Ros might be the only two we would make the effort for again, but you never know. 

Outside before the concert, it was a lovely evening. The concert hall juts right up against the southern edge of the lake. Sometimes it's dry as a bone and other times you have waves up to the shore, this night was just puddley. Salt Air is where our first official date was too. We saw Franz Ferdinand on September 28th 2005! Wow, what fun the last 8 years have been!

Aww, I love us.
 Jenny Lewis was on tour with them! For some reason I thought it'd just be Ben and Jimmy Tamberello. I was stoked that she came too, we are both fans of her band, Rilo Kiley, and she is just plain cool, and gorgeous. She was amazing and they all sounded just like they did 10 years ago.
 Our spot was pretty good, even though my pictures don't quite show it. We could see everything without straining, and I didn't throw up! Hooray! I did get a bit queasy  for the last half hour, but I ate my crackers and waited for "our" song. Of course it was the last one of the encore, but still, so so awesome.

Bowles Quick Visit!

 Oh my goodness. I love this family. Our sweet friends from Michigan, the Bowles, have been living in San Diego for the past year and we were lucky enough to get them for a few hours while they were on a visit to Utah. Liya and Eleanor quickly cemented themselves back together and we got a few pictures. Hilariously, the pictures of their initial reunion were so dramatic that they wrestled each other to the ground in mega-hugging. I would post the pictures, but their dresses were all over the place and I like to be a bit careful in posting nakey pictures of our little ones. Anyhow, these other ones show how happy they were to be together. I felt the same way to reunite with Kim for a few good hours of conversation!

Here is the only one without bunners showing, ha ha.
 Lovey love!
 Working on projects together.
 They had a good time playing in this bin for about 25 minutes.

 Winston wanted to be involved too, well, to an extent. He is still the age that likes to play near his friends, not with them.
OH! This just hurts. Such an awesome family! They have moved again for Justin's work and are now deep in the forests of California where Justin teaches emergency survival and stuff along with his medical work. For a doctor, he gets to do the coolest stuff with the military. 
Justin, Liya, Kim, Charlie and Michael.

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